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Mixed Martial Arts - An Introduction

Mixed Martial Arts is not just the fastest growing Combat 'Sport' on the planet, it is also the only discipline which seriously studies all aspects of a real fighting situation. It has been unarguably proven time and time again in popular events such as UFC, Pride, Cage Rage and so on.

The most effective techniques taken from Kick-Thai Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Russian Sambo, it's a superb way to improve your fitness and self defence skills!

The class is run in a friendly, relaxed and Safe manner, by an experienced instructor with 24 years in Kick-Boxing and 7 years in MMA.

The class is suitable for beginners up to intermediate level, held at the world famous 'Islington Boxing Club' on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19.15 to 21.00.